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Jeff Aston

Jeff Aston


Name: Jeffrey Aston 

Place of birth: Walsall Wood, Staffordshire

Favourite running distance: In the 1980s it had to be 10 miles - this is a classic distance and there was a 10 mile race every other week at least

Nowadays, I don't consider my running as more than survival and enjoyment at finishing!

Favourite race/ event: It has to be the London Marathon 1983 - first (and only) time under 2:30. However, I really enjoy the way that competitors in the Handicap 10 all come together over the last 2 miles or so - or maybe it is down to the handicapping!

What do you bring to the committee:

a. Experience - I have been on every Les Croupiers Club Committee since the club was formed!

b. Objectivity.

c. An interest in statistics and the history of the club.


Interesting fact: In 1981 the Mentholatum company that manufactured 'Deep Heat' ran an advert in the London Marathon program, saying 'How to finish 765th in the London Marathon'. When I pointed out that I had done that they sent me a large box of Deep Heat!

Interesting fact from the responses so far:

Most of the male members of the committee were born in England.

Walsall Wood (J Aston) is about a half-marathon from Warley (J Bruce).

Club Safety Guidelines

The following advice is intended to keep our runners SAFE at all times!
It is also essential that, whilst out running as a club, we are seen to be polite, responsible, set a good example & not put others at risk.
AT ALL TIMES BE SAFE BE SEEN! You can never be too visible! During the day, always wear bright or light-coloured clothing - fluorescent is good.
At night we would strongly recommend that people ALWAYS wear light-coloured clothing plus a REFLECTIVE (not just fluorescent) bib or sash.
Clip on flashers are a great way to be seen. NEVER ASSUME YOU'VE BEEN SEEN. Always be cautious with traffic.
We would like to remind people that they are responsible for their own safety and that they run at their own risk.