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Jeff Aston

Jeff Aston

Jeff Aston is a founder member of Les Croupiers (1981) and a London Marathon Ever Present.

He was previously Vice Chair of the Club’s Committee and is now one of the General Members.

Jeff is our statistician and he organises the Handicap 10 and the Race of Truth.

He is also the Welsh Castles Relay’s Race Referee and produces the results for the Gwent League.

Though he may run slower these days, he’s lost none of his determination.

Club Safety Guidelines

The following advice is intended to keep our runners SAFE at all times!
It is also essential that, whilst out running as a club, we are seen to be polite, responsible, set a good example & not put others at risk.
AT ALL TIMES BE SAFE BE SEEN! You can never be too visible! During the day, always wear bright or light-coloured clothing - fluorescent is good.
At night we would strongly recommend that people ALWAYS wear light-coloured clothing plus a REFLECTIVE (not just fluorescent) bib or sash.
Clip on flashers are a great way to be seen. NEVER ASSUME YOU'VE BEEN SEEN. Always be cautious with traffic.
We would like to remind people that they are responsible for their own safety and that they run at their own risk.